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If you know me in real life you probably know I’m a tech/gadget nerd. I’m no computer scientist & I can’t speak a single programming language – but I friggin’ love the products of those who do. I stream the WWDC every year & am wowed everytime. Chances are if Apple makes it I own it. I set aside funds from my business to fund this love & yes my alarm will be set at 2am for the iPhone X pre-order.

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I love how tech is shaping our world & in many ways, making our lives infinitely easier. It amazes me the things that we humans can dream up & then actually bring to fruition. Before I get hater emails, I also know there’s a dark side to technology & have experienced some of that in personal, painful ways, however, I refuse to let that color my love of gadgets.

So, naturally, I enjoy utilizing tech in running my business & thought I’d share a couple recent additions, or old fave’s.

Later, later a social media planning platform,

Later is a marketing platform used to visually schedule & plan Instagram content. Anyone who operates in a largely visual field (i.e. photographers, florists, etc) is probably already on Instagram & will simultaneously tell you we love & hate it. Its an invaluable free tool – but gosh the ever-changing algorithm & cultivating the perfect feed is exhausting. Very few of us have time everyday to dedicate to posting – that’s where Later comes in. I can schedule a chunk of time to look at my calendar for a week or two ahead & pre-plan my Instagram posts. Later allows me to visually see my feed so I can cultivate while I plan & getting it all done in a chunk helps me be much more consistent.

Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch was the only gadget I wasn’t immediately on-board with. When Apple announced it I felt pretty ‘meh’ about it. I didn’t order one immediately because I just couldn’t see how it could add to my life. The year they were released my accountant encouraged me to spend some money to help with taxes (what a problem, right?) and so I bought one. I liked it okay but still didn’t feel like I was getting all that much use out of it. Then I discovered this tutorial from Tyler Herrinton  and it changed everything. It was like something clicked & from then on I loved it. I’m currently without one until I can get my hands on the new cellular version but believe me – the additional freedom of not needing my phone within reach opens up even more possibilities.


Client management can be a BEAST. During busy or booking seasons its impossible to keep track of every client inquiry, emails, contracts needing signatures, invoices needing payment, galleries needing edits – all that on top of my full time job & you can see how I would quickly be overwhelmed & bound to forget something or someone.

Pixifi is the answer to ALL of that for me. There are lots of client management software options out there & many have similar options. I’ve tried several of them & found some I liked, some that weren’t well thought out – but what made the decision for me is the support of Pixifi. There’s an active Facebook group for Pixifi users that the creator, Tim Hussey, regularly checks & the peer-to-peer support as well as Tim’s responsiveness makes Pixifi the obvious choice. The set-up process for any client management software is intensive if you’re going to really utilize it but Tim & a few of the other users have taken the time to do tutorials etc to make the process as painless as possible.


Evernote is an amazing cloud-based document storage program with mobile apps. I use it to store all sorts of things – from wedding day timelines to blog post ideas to shoot ideas, to packing lists for my travels. When I travel it stores all my pertinent & critical documents – because I could get to them from anywhere that has internet. When I meet with potential clients I jot down important details right after the meeting so I don’t forget. Its basically my brain in the cloud.

So those are my most used & loved pieces of tech currently. What have you found that makes your life and/or business easier or more efficient?

Happy Friday!

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