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On this installment of Life’s Laundry I’ll be tackling something that is a difficult subject for me (because that’s what this blog series is all about right?).  Its difficult because it touches a nerve. This is an issue I have & although there are many issues I have somewhat of a handle on so I…

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  • Lanie - Did you mean to write this about me? I am 100% EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!!! I’m not exaggerating… 100%. You nailed me on the head and I too yern desperately to get control of this behavior, cycle and “bad habits”. Good for you for recognizing it, acknowledging it, making it public and taking the effort to take control.ReplyCancel

  • Andra Milstead - Awareness is the first step in creating long-lasting change. Maintain this self-awareness and you will catch yourself continuing the cycle, and then,… choose a different path. That’s the best part about life and recognizing these patterns,… you have the option of choosing to change old habits and create new ones.ReplyCancel

  • Heather Fisher Westrick - I am there with you! I work out hard every week for two years, yet for some reason can not lose weight. I started seeing a therapist to work through why I eat too much, and why I sabotage my exercise.ReplyCancel

I’d like to thank my own Mr. (aka Hubs or Michael or M) for this series title. ‘Life’s Laundry’ because I want to talk about what’s real. Those mundane, necessary, sometimes awesome moments, issues & feelings in life. Much like laundry they can’t be avoided & while there are certainly more fun aspects to life…

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